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A Jew, Hindu and Christian come together in a conversation about non-violent resistance in the face of oppressive systems and governments in their time and their place. This conversation may help us find inspiration to ignite a non-violent resistance in these times built on our Unitarian Universalist values of justice, compassion and equality in our relationship with one another.  Our guest speaker today is Kevin J. Lowry.  

Sermon from 1/14/18  


What Happened Next?

As the story goes, the Three Wise Men met the Baby Jesus on January 6, the Day of Epiphany. What happened after?  Why did the scholars from the East visit this baby, and what was an infant supposed to do with frankincense and myrrh? And what lessons can these three people teach us today about our responsibilities to the vulnerable? Join Rev. Joe Cherry as he looks for the answers.

Sermon from 1/7/18


Fire Communion

The UU tradition celebrates four communions through the year...Flower, Water, Bread and Fire.  Join Peggy Lagodny and the congregation of the Society as we celebrate the Fire Communion...a time to help us to put in perspective the joys and sorrows, the changes and transitions, the ups and downs of the past year.  A celebration to separate the end of the past year from the beginning and promise of the new.  Please take some time before coming to service to think about the things you would like to leave behind with the passing of the old year, and an intention to set for the new.

You may want to have a small piece of paper, a pencil, and a candle to fully participate in this service.

Special thanks to the UUA Worship pages of their website for the inspiration for this service.

Sermon from 12/31/17



We Unitarian Universalists are facing some tough questions right now.  Do we make a difference? Can we really change lives?  Sometimes we feel like we are all alone in trying to do the right thing in the midst of all the social and political turmoil we face. We sometimes feel like a drop in the bottom of a very large and very empty bucket. But there is good news - it doesn't have to be like that.

Rev. Joan Van Becelaere is a congregational life consultant in the Central East Region and the Executive Director of UU Justice Ohio. She is the former vice-president for Student Services at the Iliff School of Theology, Denver CO, where she also taught Unitarian Universalist polity.  

Sermon from 12/17/17



#metoo.  This Sunday Rev. Joe Cherry and Rev. Dr. Rina Shere talk about it, carefully.  It's complicated and messy, and there's a lot of hurt.  But part of what being in beloved community is is about tackling hard things.

During the early part of the service, Rev. Joe asked the men and the women of the congregation what they did on a day to day basis to feel safe.  The first picture is the list from the men of the congregation.  The rest of the pictures are from the women of the congregation.

Sermon from 12/10/17









Rev. Dr. Paula R. Cannon Gable writes:  Sometimes, it's hard for me to listen to the news these days.  I feel discouraged by what's coming out of D.C.  I do not want to live in ignorance, but I do not like the strong negative feelings these broadcasts elicit. I really DO aspire to love my neighbors as I love myself.  But, what if my neighbor promotes values that I find abhorrent?  I'll share my theological struggle, and perhaps tips on how our faith can help Hope and Love abide.   

Sermon from 12/3/17.


Henry and Waldo

Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson had the kind of friendship that makes both parties rise up to be better people. Come this Sunday with Rev. Joe Cherry to learn more about friendships that enrich our lives. 

Sermon from 11/26/17.


Breads and Spreads

Join worship leaders Amy Collins CLM and Robyn Herr this Sunday for our Annual Breads & Spreads service, where we celebrate the bounty of the harvest together with different kinds of breads and things to spread upon them. Think of them as kind of the diversity we strive to achieve in our lives together.

Sermon from 11/19/17


Join us as we explore the many complex issues surrounding Unitarian Universalism and the military.  Rev. Rina Shere, a chaplain at the VA Medical Center in Wade Park, Cleveland, will speak about the history of our faith as it relates to the armed forces, offer a space for remembrance, and share stories about war and peace from the veterans she ministers to in times of sickness and crisis.  

Sermon from 11/12/17


This Sunday Rev. Joe Cherry will explore the origins and spiritual response to the myth that what we have is never enough. 

Sermon from 11/5/17


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