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Being Mindful

This week begins the celebration of Ramadan for our Muslim friends. Ramadan is a time for reflection and self-improvement and ridding oneself of bad habits.  It is a time for strengthening family ties and resolving disputes.  What can their spiritual devotion, expressed as intentional living, teach us about how to live more authentic lives? Join Rev. Joe Cherry for this exploration.

Sermon from 5/20/18



Join Rev. Rina and Rev. Joe as we celebrate the call of our Foremothers in UUism. Journey with us through the storied past, the sometimes troubling present and into a better future for all! Music and stories feature prominently!

More information on the POOR PEOPLE'S CAMPAIGN


Sermon from 5/13/18


Grace is a gift, unearned and undeserved. When so much in our world today is broken, where do we find moments of grace to carry us through and lead us home?

 Guest Worship Leader  Rev. Diane Dowgiert serves as Interim Minister of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Greensboro, North Carolina.

Sermon from 5/6/18


The Seeds Emerge

The Seeds Emerge. For 50 years the seeds of Rev. Dr. King's Poor People's Campaign have lay dormant. With the work of Rev. Dr. William Barber, we are helping to wake up those seeds and bring a new garden of social justice to our world. Come Sunday as Rev. Joe Cherry leads the exploration to see what part you can play.

Sermon from 4/29/18.


Gardens, like people, are impossible to predict. Yet it is the ones we've spent the most time with, put the most effort into, that we love the most.  Rev. Joe Cherry leads today's service.

Sermon from 4/15/18


Exploring internal and exterior spaces: How does Star Trek intersect with Unitarian Universalism? Join Rev. Joe Cherry for a spiritual explanation of science fiction.

IDIC = Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combination

Sermon from 4/8/18.




It's not often that Easter Sunday--the celebration of one of the most important teachings in Christianity--falls on April 1st, also known as April Fool's Day. How can we, as UU's, engage respectfully with a story so central to the lives of many of our friends, on a day that celebrates trickery? We can talk about Jesus as The Fool, the one who speaks truth to power. Something the world needs perhaps now more than ever.  Join Rev. Joe Cherry in this exploration.

Sermon from 4/1/18


It’s Precarious

Please click on the link to watch the film Balance before you listen to this sermon.

In honor of the Cleveland Film Festival, we will be viewing a short film called "Balance," by Wolfgang and Christoph Lauenstein this Sunday What lessons might we see together in this 8-minute movie that won an Oscar?

Sermon from 3/25/18 


Faith in Action

For undocumented immigrants and their family members, life in the US is increasingly uncertain and unsafe. Despite decades of activism, federal immigration law has remained unchanged and is now being more harshly applied. As people committed to justice and the worth and dignity of every person, what do we do to challenge cruel, inhumane systems?

Our guest speaker is Kelsey Fischer.  She is program manager for HOLA Ohio, a grassroots organization based in Northeast Ohio that seeks to empower the Latino community through community organizing, civic engagement and advocacy.  HOLA has been a leading voice in the movement for immigration reform for over two decades and has won national awards for its work with the Latino community. Kelsey joined the HOLA team in 2017. She previously served as the UU Society of Cleveland's membership coordinator from 2009 to 2010. 

Sermon from 3/18/18


In art, a 'pentimento' is the reappearance of an earlier image that had been painted over by the artist. This phenomenon reminds us that what is only hidden never really goes away. What regrets (and what treasures) are hidden under the surface of our UU faith, ready to re-emerge?

 Rev. Dr. Diana Davies was recently ordained as a UU minister. She is a graduate of Meadville Lombard Theological School, and she served as a student minister at First Unitarian Church of Baltimore. 

Sermon from 3/11/18


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