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Holy Curiosity

Join us this Sunday as we welcome the Rev. Renee Ruchotzke into our pulpit. Rev. Renee is part of the Central Region's Congregational Staff and has been involved in discussions having to do with our future and the possibility of re-uniting our congregation with that of First Unitarian Church.  This Sunday she'll be preaching on Holy Curiosity.  

Sermon from8/20/17


To Walk Alongside

Mental Illness is often a topic that causes serious discomfort in us. Unlike many other illnesses whose symptoms often have visible physical attributes that we can see, mental illnesses often remain unseeable, mysterious and perhaps this is why they are so frightening. Spend some time this Sunday with Rev. Joe Cherry and members of the UUSC congregation as we attempt to dispel some concerns and figure out how we can be helpful, non-judgmental companions to people dealing with mental health issues.  

Sermon from 8/13/17


What Makes a Family?

Our minister, Rev. Joe Cherry, is on study leave during the month of July.  

This week's service will focus on the many ways that we define family. We form "families" as a result of biology, circumstance and affinity and each version has a significance and role in our lives. Join Amy Collins, CLM, as she explores this topic.

Sermon from 7/30/17


Our minister, Rev. Joe Cherry, is on study leave during the month of July.  Our speaker this Sunday is worship associate, Robyn Herr.

We live in a world that regularly demands we keep moving faster and faster.  What do we miss when we are constantly going in the fast lane? This morning we will explore some methods of moving forward that may not top the speed limit, but will get us where we are going, and may even offer a more enjoyable journey.

Service from 7/23/17


The Space Between

Our minister, Rev. Joe Cherry, is on study leave during the month of July.  Our guest speaker this Sunday is Kristina Spaude.

We live in a highly divided world, one where we are separated by politics, fear, the news media, and many other ways. It's hard to remember to look for points of connection and common experience sometimes. What if, in our interactions with others and ourselves, we focused on the relationship, thinking that it is in the relationship that the holy lives?

The content of the second reading is from NPR's INVISIBILIA series.  It is suggested that you listen to this excerpt before listening to the sermon.


Sermon from 7/16/17


Hyde Park Service

Join us in a Hyde Park service in celebration of freedom and the 4th of July!  This is a lively, varied and fascinating service that is sure to be enlightening, challenging and provocative!

Disclaimer:  Amy Collins

"Resilience in the Face of Climate Change" by Mary Schatzman

"Are We the Good Guys? And How Do We Know?" by Walter Nicholes

"What Everyone Should Know About the New Testament" by Dietz Ziechmann

"Never Have Enough" by Peggy Lagodny

"Women's Reproductive Health" by Lois Romanoff

"Drifting" by Nina McLellan

Sermon from 7/2/17


Join guest speaker, Sharon Hogan, as she explores the meaning of our relationships with the other creatures with which we share the planet. What are some of our ethical and spiritual struggles to define ourselves in relationship with them? How do we define and understand who they are and how do they help us define and understand who we are?

Sermon from 7/9/17



Come join us for vignettes of the Worship Team's service celebrating all things "summer": Father's Day, solstice, the color green, and summer flavors.

Opening Words: "Your Body is Welcome Here" by Sean Neil-Barron read by Susan Paterson

Reflection:  "Showing Up and Keeping Score" by Robyn Herr

Meditation:  "Garden Meditation" by Rev. Max Coots read by Amy Collins, CLM.

Lemonade and Watermelon Communion by Sarah Bishop

Closing Words: Adapted from Molly Fumia read by Susan Paterson


Service from 6/18/17


Join us for a short sermon by Rev. Joe Cherry and Rev. Rina Shere about the Unitarian Universalist tradition of the Flower Communion.

Sermon from 6/11/17.


Embracing Joy

In difficult times it can seem like the height of frivolity to exert an effort to embrace joy, but it is not. In times when we are nervous or frightened, it is a bold move to reach out, to expand our hearts and to push back against the negativity of life. It isn't easy, but come with Rev. Joe Cherry this Sunday as we try to figure out how!

Sermon from 6/4/17.


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