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It's not often that Easter Sunday--the celebration of one of the most important teachings in Christianity--falls on April 1st, also known as April Fool's Day. How can we, as UU's, engage respectfully with a story so central to the lives of many of our friends, on a day that celebrates trickery? We can talk about Jesus as The Fool, the one who speaks truth to power. Something the world needs perhaps now more than ever.  Join Rev. Joe Cherry in this exploration.

Sermon from 4/1/18


It’s Precarious

Please click on the link to watch the film Balance before you listen to this sermon.

In honor of the Cleveland Film Festival, we will be viewing a short film called "Balance," by Wolfgang and Christoph Lauenstein this Sunday What lessons might we see together in this 8-minute movie that won an Oscar?

Sermon from 3/25/18 


Faith in Action

For undocumented immigrants and their family members, life in the US is increasingly uncertain and unsafe. Despite decades of activism, federal immigration law has remained unchanged and is now being more harshly applied. As people committed to justice and the worth and dignity of every person, what do we do to challenge cruel, inhumane systems?

Our guest speaker is Kelsey Fischer.  She is program manager for HOLA Ohio, a grassroots organization based in Northeast Ohio that seeks to empower the Latino community through community organizing, civic engagement and advocacy.  HOLA has been a leading voice in the movement for immigration reform for over two decades and has won national awards for its work with the Latino community. Kelsey joined the HOLA team in 2017. She previously served as the UU Society of Cleveland's membership coordinator from 2009 to 2010. 

Sermon from 3/18/18


In art, a 'pentimento' is the reappearance of an earlier image that had been painted over by the artist. This phenomenon reminds us that what is only hidden never really goes away. What regrets (and what treasures) are hidden under the surface of our UU faith, ready to re-emerge?

 Rev. Dr. Diana Davies was recently ordained as a UU minister. She is a graduate of Meadville Lombard Theological School, and she served as a student minister at First Unitarian Church of Baltimore. 

Sermon from 3/11/18


Balancing Acts

Before you listen to this podcast, please watch this YouTube video... Balance

Grace. Beauty. Strength. Power. These words can exist on their own, like pebbles in a field, far from each other. And yet even if they seem unrelated, they are, like all pebbles. They can be pretty on their own, but when combined, they can be beautiful. Join Rev. Joe Cherry as he explores this and other topics.

Sermon from 3/4/18



"Hope is the desire of future good

coupled with expectation. 

It has been said

while there is life

there is hope;

we could express an equal truth

if we should say

while there is hope

there is life." 

                                   Rev. Lewis McGee

Join Rev. Joe Cherry as he tells the story of Rev. Lewis McGee, one of the first African Americans to be ordained a Unitarian minister and founder of the Free Religious Fellowship, an intentionally interracial Unitarian religious community on Chicago’s South Side.

Sermon from 2/25/18



Cupid’s Conundrum

Around Valentine's Day, our thoughts often turn to relationships. The key to successful relationships in marriage, family, business, and congregational life are all remarkably similar - for they are rooted in understanding, love, respect, and tolerance. How do we pick the "right" person for a long-term relationship?  Or, perhaps more importantly, how can we BE the "right person" -- in almost any relationship?  Our guest speaker today is Rev. Dr. Paula R. Cannon Gable.

Sermon from 2/18/18



Still, She Persists

A year ago, one senator thought he could shut down another senator as she spoke truth to power. He clearly had no idea how badly he had mis-read the social cues of the moment, or what his actions might unleash: a movement with roots going back to generations of strong women. 

Sermon from 2/4/18


January 27th is the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Join Rev. Joe Cherry, Rev. Dr. Rina Shere and members of the congregation this Sunday as we remember those who were victims of the Holocaust that was part of Germany's Third Reich terrorism, and ask questions about how our own actions and inactions resist the formation of a society in which genocides and cultural warfares can happen.

Sermon from 1/28/18


Today's speaker is Rev. Dr. Paula R. Cannon Gable, Interim Minister at First Unitarian Church of Cleveland.  She writes: 

"As our congregations continue to explore our future together, I am inspired by the possibilities of co-creating something new. At the same time, I'm aware of potential stumbling blocks.  As a person who almost literally eats, sleeps and breathes church, I'll share my thoughts and feelings, my hopes and my fears.  And, I'd like to hear yours as well, as we consider ways to join hearts and hands to enrich our own lives and those of the wider community."  

Note: This is the second in a series of pulpit exchanges between First Church and The Society.  

Sermon from 1/21/18



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